Learn the strategies successful government contractors use to find and win government contracts, with just an hour a week of online class time. 

Get Ready to Win.

Our team has won $12.2 Billion in contract and grant negotiations and awards. Now, we're going to teach your department how to do the same. 

Government contracts consultant

This is a fast-paced, immersive, real-world simulator of the government contracting process. 

Welcome to the Fast Track Training Program. For the next 6 to 12 weeks, you and your team will learn how to find and bid on government contracting opportunities in an immersive, real-world simulation that is designed to recreate the exact environment you will encounter with government agencies.  

Since most of your interactions with agencies will be virtual, this "day in the life" simulator will prepare you to successfully navigate the federal bid process.

What if your company could move beyond local government and master the process of becoming a successful federal contractor in weeks instead of years? 

What Qualifies Us to Teach You?

Linda Chatmon, Federal Acquisition Expert and Fast Track Creator

For more than 23 years, Linda Chatmon and the Contracts and Grants, LLC team have offered procurement, staff augmentation, and business development services to organizations. 

We are federal acquisitions experts, and have secured more than $12.2 billion in contracts and grants negotiations and awards.  

We focus on:  

  • Proposal support
  • Identifying and vetting qualified businesses  
  • Procurement / acquisition  
  • Bid process  
  • Negotiating teaming agreements  
  • Contract administration  
  • Contract management  
  • Subcontractor agreements  
  • Subcontract management, including flow-down clauses  
  • Performance reviews  
  • Ensuring compliance with local ordinances

Here's What You Will Learn


For the duration of your six or twelve-week training, you and your team will assume the role of federal contractor while the Contracts and Grants team acts as the government agency with whom you are placing your bid. Your job is to do what it takes to ethically win a government contract as a supplier for our agency.  

You will experience each step of the bid process from deciding which opportunity is the best one for your organization, to submitting your federal proposal, to having your proposal evaluated during a final debriefing.  

This course will walk you step-by-step through the bidding process. The final deliverable for the course will be a completed proposal that you and your team will write in response to a live Request for Proposals (RFP) from an actual government agency. 

Classes begin every Monday, and your course will be customized to address the specific needs of your team. 


Yes! Each of the 12 training modules takes about an hour to go through, and teaches you one or more of the fundamental skills you will need to create your bid proposal. Most modules come with downloadable written assignments, templates, and other resources to help you begin thinking like a successful government contractor including:  

  • Proposal Library 
  • Cost Narrative 
  • Vetting Plan 
  • Capture Plan 
  • Cost Price Analysis

With every completed assignment, you will compile a little bit more of the information you need to write your proposal.


Not every opportunity is a good opportunity for you! Save your company hundreds of manhours by learning how to create a rubric that will help you quickly figure out which government contracts you're best-suited to perform.

With more than 400 government agencies, all in need of products and services, you need a fail-proof system for quickly identifying which opportunities may be good for your company and which are not. Your vetting plan is that system. 

This training teaches you how to: 

  • Build a rubric that will help you identify which opportunities to capture
  • Streamline the bidding process 
  • Minimize the amount of time you spend sifting through opportunities 
  • Never again waste time answering an RFP for a government contract that wouldn’t be a good fit for your business


Overcome the #1 challenge that keeps companies just like yours from submitting successful bids

Designing a winning proposal starts with having an outline that not only follows the instructions in the RFP, but also fulfills the agency's evaluation criteria.

Four courses in this training deal specifically with researching, writing, editing and submitting a phenomenal proposal, so you know how to:  

  • Analyze the RFP
  • Spot the red flags and words that tell you whether or not you're eligible to bid
  • How to dig up background information on agencies and RFPs 
  • The right way to format your proposal so it gets accepted 
  • How agencies evaluate proposals to determine winners and losers
  • How to navigate the submission process so your proposal gets to the right person 


PRICE FOR PROFIT so you don't lose your contract, or worse - your business. 

Believe it or not, price is an issue that trips up even well-established businesses. What many organizations don't realize is the government doesn't buy the way your average customer buys. So, the pricing strategy you use for commercial contracts may actually end up LOSING MONEY when you try to use it to do business with the government.

This training will walk you through the steps you need to take in order to develop and incorporate a solid pricing strategy into your proposal. It will help you identify the direct and indirect costs associated with selling your product or service, and help you understand your cost at each stage of production in your business.  

You will also learn how to apply a methodology that will allow you to develop your Cost Narrative, to account for spending on:  

  • Personnel 
  • Fringe benefits 
  • Travel 
  • Contracts 
  • Equipment 
  • Materials/Supplies 
  • Capital Expenses

The Fast Track Course List

Map | Mobilization Plan for Government Contracting space

Develop Your Mobilization Plan

Learn how to create a mobilization strategy that will help you successfully grow your organization over the next three years.

team making a choice

Develop Your Vetting Plan

Develop a vetting plan to help you sift through the thousands of RFPs so you don't waste time and other resources on the wrong opportunities.

High fives for creating a pricing strategy for profitable government contracts

Identify & Capture Opportunity

Learn how to use your vetting plan to choose and pursue the most profitable government contracting opportunities that you are best-suited to fulfill.

Small Business Contract management and administration

Develop Your Work Plan

Your workplan is the document that turns your ideas and strategies into reality. Learn how to correctly organize and create this massive document.

PARS - Performance Assessment Rating System

Pricing Strategy: Price for Profit

Learn how to create a profitable pricing strategy specifically for government contracts.

Collaboration teamwork government contractors

Cost Loading Analysis

Learn how to set your cost of production per unit of products and services you deliver.

Smiling professional | learn how to Write proposals that get you to the table

Proposal Preparation

Learn how to outline, research, and format winning government proposals.

Proposal First Draft

Learn the fundamentals of writing a winning government proposal that is relevant and responsive.

Two team members reviewing PARS small business scoring tool

Proposal Second Draft

Learn how to build on the work you did in your first draft with a peer-reviewed second draft of your federal proposal.

Government contracts millennial office setting

Proposal Final Draft

Penning the final draft of your federal proposal is about quality control. It's important for you to have a set of guidelines to follow.

small businesses minority-owned business

Third-Party Review 

Learn how to install checks and balances to ensure your third-party team review is thorough, objective and productive. 

black professional on laptop | Write proposals that get you to the table

Proposal Submission

Learn how to navigate both the manual and the digital submission processes for government proposals.

Proposal Evaluation

Learn the five major categories government agencies use to select winning bids.

Strategic Plan & Capture

Make a strategic plan that navigates future opportunities in the government space.

Staff augmentation - Conference meeting

Weekly Townhalls for Course Q&A 

You can get answers to all your course-related questions at the weekly group Q&A sessions.

Office Hours for One-on-One Time

Schedule a one-on-one meeting to speak privately with one of our Subject Matter Experts.

Live Training and Support

Weekly group Q&A sessions

Take advantage of group Q&A sessions organized especially for active, registered participants in the Fast Track program. Get answers about course assignments, or just ask general questions about government contracting. 

Evaluation of final project (including a written debriefing)

Get written feedback on your final project from our team of Subject Matter Experts. If you do all the exercises and atted the weekly Q&A sessions, you will be able to craft a strong proposal. We will sit down with you to review and polish your proposal one last time before you submit it to the agency.

One-on-One Consulting

Finally, you get 12 hours of one-on-one consulting with a Subject Matter Expert during which time you may wish to review homework and get feedback from the C&G team.  

Additional one-on-one time can be purchased to be used throughout this course at a discounted rate of $85 per hour when purchasing this package.

Man smiling with laptops -services

Post-Program Benefits  

One of the key advantages of being a Fast Track participant is the ongoing business development support we offer.  

In the months after your team (including your teaming partners) graduates from the Fast Track Academy, you are eligible to receive ongoing support through Group Q&A Sessions, Office Hours, and One-on-One sessions. 

Your support includes:  

  • Reduced rate for future training sessions and courses
  • Ongoing match-making services through Teaming Exchange Network 
  • Ongoing referrals 
  • Access to our content library for one full year, which includes access to webinars and other recorded content, templates, Q&A &essions

 To successfully complete this course, you agree to attend all classes, complete assignments on time, and receive a passing score on final project. 

If you do NOT successfully complete the course, you may RETAKE the class at no additional charge but your one-on-one time will not restart. Retake students may purchase One-on-One time at the discounted rate of $55 an hour.

Matchmaking Services for Graduates 

Fast Track graduates gain another important benefit - they may qualify for immediate subcontracting opportunities by being included in the Teaming Exchange Network, our matchmaking platform that uses the Performance Assessment Rating System (PARS) to match small businesses with prime government contractors for subcontracting opportunities. 

PARS is a predictive scoring tool that uses an algorithm to calculate the strengths and weaknesses of a business.  

Fast Track graduates can increase their overall PARS rating by performing well in the program. The better your PARS score, the more subcontracting opportunities to which you will have access. 

C&G Federal - woman-owned business


Listen to what our clients have said about our advice, guidance, and services.

.... Now imagine getting the same results for your business. 

The Next 90 Days Could Decide Your Next 18 Months 

Most teams have been able to successfully go through the Fast Track program in just 90 days. 

If you and your team have been struggling to make a successful transition in to the federal arena, or your company is already working as a subcontractor in the federal space but you’re ready to scale up your business to increase your capacity, the next 90 days could decide your next 18 months. 

Woman Signing up for the Teaming Exchange Network

How to Enroll

large wooden table government contractor training

Register Your Key Personnel, Subcontractors, Proteges, and Teaming Partners  

Contracts and Grants, LLC encourages Fast Track companies to complete the training program with their key personnel and teaming partners. You can choose multiple teaming partners to help reduce the cost of the training. As well, going through the training program with your teaming partner can give both your organization and your partner's organizations a good idea of how the partnership will look in real life.  

This is a good opportunity for you to assess whether your selected teaming partners are a good fit for your company during both the bidding process and in fulfilling the contract requirements, once a federal contract has been awarded.  

We encourage you to consider this option when your budget and/or workforce reaches its capacity. We welcome the opportunity to participate in a consortium with like-minded companies. This is a GREAT way to ease into the government marketplace.  

Tuition This course is $5,000 per team. That means you make a single investment and you can train as many people as you need to train. How Payment Plans Work You can reserve your spot by paying a non-refundable deposit of $500, then pay another $2,000 when your team is ready to get access to the course. The remaining $2,500 must be paid within seven days.  

Reserve your spot TODAY and get 50% OFF the course deposit. 

That means you pay just $250 today to reserve your spot for 90 days

We heard you! 

Fast Track in 1 Week Onsite Team Bootcamps

Onsite Bootcamp - Fast Track Government Contracts Training

Many of you have requested onsite group bootcamps for Fast Track. So...

Introducing Fast Track in 1 Week, an accelerated version of our popular federal acquisition training program. Fast Track in Week runs for 5 days. When the program is running in your city, or at a site near you, reserve your slot with just $99.99. 

Your non-refundable deposit holds your team's reservation for an upcoming session. The full tuition payment of $1500 must be received at least 30 days before the event in order for your team to participate in the bootcamp. Participation in each bootcamp is limited to 10 companies. 

If your city is not listed and you would like to request a bootcamp for your team, email your request to info@contractsandgrantsllc.com with the subject: Fast Track in 1 Week.  

Now Booking

December 10-14, 2018 - Lumberton, NC

This session is for existing business owners who want to benefit from the disaster relief efforts. Learn how to bid and win contracts that will be coming out as well as other business at Fort Bragg.  

March 4 - 8, 2019 - Birmingham, AL

Online Team Bootcamps

Staff augmentation - Conference meeting

In addition to the onsite team bootcamps, we are also opening enrollment to our online team bootcamps. 

The Fast Track Online Bootcamp is a self-paced interactive training program for your team that includes a weekly group Q&A session and lesson oerview with a Subject Matter Expert from the Contracts & Grants team. It is an affordable way to get the training you need to steadily prepare your business and your team to compete in the government market. 


Fortify your training by adding one-on-one consulting to review your homework, get feedback on your final project or even get the answers you need to questions that may be too sensitive fr general group Q&A sessions. One-on-one sessions are $250.  

A small non-refundable deposit of just $50 holds your team's reservation for the March sessions Then make four monthly payments of just $250 when training begins in March.  

Bootcamp Starts Mon, March 4, 2019. Enroll Today.